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gorilla trekking safaris
The most tourist attraction primates in Uganda are the gorillas. These attract many people to come for more gorilla trekking safaris because they are funny animals which have the same characteristics like the humans. This makes tourists track them to know more characteristics about them.

Gorilla tracking is so interesting but quite tiresome. Tourists track for almost the whole day with the help of the trackers in the park. After tracking tourists stay with the gorillas for the whole one hour so that they can discover very many features about them hence attracting more gorilla tracking tours to Uganda.

Gorilla tours have generated more revenues in Uganda because they have increased and as tourists come they always pay fees to the tour operators which fee is later given to the government as taxes. The taxes given to the government help to improve the infrastructure of Uganda so as to provide better facilities to the tourists who come for gorilla safaris to Uganda.

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