GORILLA SAFARIS IN UGANDAThe Mountain gorillas are believed to be one of Man’s closest relative on earth with a DNA of 96%-98% human. The mighty Primates are found in four National parks in the whole world with Uganda accommodating them in her two National Parks and therefore leading to increase safaris in Uganda

According to IUCN, the Mountain gorillas are categorized has the endangered species since they only live in three countries and also since their habitats are being threaten by human encroachment, pollution and climate changes.

Looking at the mountain gorillas, they have some similar ways of life like for the Humans when engaging in their daily activities. Just like man, resting time is very important to them for group relationship. They have their time for gathering food and for resting. They also believe in fear from their enemies. Babies’ gorilla fear worms, crocodile, Chameleon and other reptiles.

They feed on fresh vegetation and rarely drink water because of the Nature of food they eat. Their foods contain a lot of water which makes them less thirsty.

Mountain gorillas are Uganda’s greatest source of attraction which is attracting very many safaris in Uganda. Tourists coming to Uganda always have beautiful moments and memory to take home after enjoying gorilla tracking safaris.

Gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi National Park in Uganda and in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda offers the greatest experience that tourists will not forget in ages. While trekking these primates, tourists can also sight other primate species and also spot out different bird species. A serious tourists can even spot out more than 100 species of birds in a day.

Don’t miss the chance of tracking your closest relative who have not evolved, come closer to know them and enjoy Uganda safaris and Rwanda safaris as they wishes you the best in gorilla safaris

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July 9th, 2014|Safari News|