mountain gorillas in UgandaUganda and Rwanda are the countries blessed to have gorillas and tourists always find it interesting to carry out gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda. Gorillas are the most attracting animals that tourists always want to track while on their safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. This has therefore boosted tourism in Rwanda and Uganda as the number of tourists has increased over years.

Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda are so interesting therefore tourists like visiting them. While gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda, tourists are helped by the park rangers who scare away wild animals and tourists way to the specify family of gorilla assigned to track. They usually spend one hour with the gorillas as they get to see how they eat, play, communicate, walk and some of their daily activities. Tourists are also allowed to have photo shoots of the gorillas using a zoom lens camera, this helps them to have memories of their safari in Uganda and Rwanda and also show their friends back in the country.

Gorillas are wild animals therefore do not need to be disrupted since they may cause harm. Tourists are always briefed at the park headquarters before going to track. This helps them to get the rules and regulation while in the forest with the gorillas however the park rangers are always there to guide you while in the forest so as to enjoy a great safari while in Uganda and Rwanda.

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