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The issue of fake people operating as tour operators to con the Uganda safari tourists is not a strange phenomenon. Various tourists have been conned losing millions of money to fake operators which don’t only affect travellers’ memories about safaris in Uganda but also painting a negative picture about Uganda as a safari destination. However, this is coming to an end. With the government utmost effort to bring this evil act down, the survival of the fake tour operators in Uganda has come to an end. Various strategies have been laid out to make this a success of which include the following; all tour operators, travel agents and guides will be inspected, registered and licensed by the Uganda Tourism Board after which travelers willing to undertake  safaris to Uganda will be applauded to arrange their safaris with the cleared operators. Standard evaluation exams will be set before the guides are licensed to commence their operations of shepherding travellers while on safari in Uganda. An identity card will be a pre-condition for guides to guide Uganda safari travellers and a range of four companies are to be stationed in the four different regions of Uganda to enforce this strategy.  This intervention will make undertaking any Uganda safari safer thus increasing safari visits to wildlife parks of Uganda trekking safaris and eventually creating remarkable Uganda safari memories among the clients.

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