chimpanzee safari in RwandaThe natural endowed Nyungwe Forest National Park was established in the year 2004 and covers an estimated total area of 970 km² of rainforest vegetation, bamboo vegetation as well as the grassland plus swamps, and bogs. The nearest town is Cyangugu, 54 km to the west and the popular Mount Bigugu lies within the park protected area. The existence of  the park has favored the survival of various primate species which are attracting many tourists to undertake safaris to Rwanda in order to have physical encounter with the primates.
Nyungwe forest park boast of the thirteen different species of primates and among the 13 involved the world endangered species of the chimpanzees and this particular species have increased the demand for Rwanda safaris especially to the Nyungwe national park where one can easily enjoy the sights of these interesting human cousins housed in the montane forest jungle of Nyungwe. The Nyungwe forest which is positioned at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level offers the best habitat for the colonies of the rare chimpanzees and enjoying chimpanzee activities in this park is done under the guidance of an experienced guide who leads the travelers through the attractive creatures surviving in the heart of the forest.
The total number of chimpanzees in Rwanda is estimated to be 500 individuals’ species and of these, the largest number is kept in the Nyungwe forest and hence making the park the best spot in Rwanda were one can trek the interesting species of the chimps and other few can be found in the Cyamudongo Forest. The wonderful experience of trekking chimps come before even the visitor set their eyes to watch the chimps because before even one reaches the Chimpanzees, one can hear the excited hooting expressed in one voice before several others follow and this will be coming from deep in the forest were the chimps move in the forest in small mobile group consisting of brothers, sisters, mothers. The male chimp usually takes the rest of their time in the particular community they were born unlike the females whichspend some times to cross to some other communities.
Taking gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda particularly to trek the gorillas in the  national parks is very rewarding because this activity is usually done through the year and visitors are assured that chances are over one hundreds of visitors setting their eyes and spending some good time with the chimpanzee and gorillas.
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