queen elizabethUganda’s second largest Queen Elizabeth National Park is endowed with ecosystems which range from savanna vegetation favoring the survival of different savanna wildlife species. The shady vegetation as well as the splendid sparkling lakes and humid forests. The different vegetation types in the park are acting as habitat to exclusive Africa’s big game and even the other remarkable species of the chimpanzee primates. This unique description of the park has drawn may travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda‘s Queen Elizabeth National park.
Queen Elizabeth national park is home to 95 different mammals’ species which are attractive in the eyes of the travelers who are on their wildlife safaris to Uganda .The estimated total of over 600 individual bird species in Queen today is acting as pull factor for many world travellers booking birding safaris to Uganda and hence the park is the best bird heaven for birders on their birding safaris to Uganda.
The Splendid Ishasha sector situated in Rukungiri part of Queen Elizabeth national park is the only sector protecting the species of the rare tree climbing lions and hence it’s the only protected area in Uganda where travellers on Uganda safaris can have ease to watch the lions lying in the branches of fig trees.
The magnificent views of the all the big five wildlife species can be enjoy by travellers who confirm their safari tour to Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth. Taking Uganda safaris to the park avails you an opportunity encounter the estimated 2500 elephants and the uncommonly found in the world record 10,000 species buffalos that are housed and grazing in the diverse grassland and woodland vegetation. The superb experience travellers gain from listening to the harsh sounds of the African inhabited in the natural habitat of Queen’s crater is considered to be special reward for any tourist who spares resources to book safaris to Uganda.
Queen Elizabeth national park is the number one tourism destination in Uganda where travellers on their Uganda safaris can have sole sights of wildlife species such as Leopards, Serval cats, and lions which are spread in all the areas of the park. Taking safari tour to Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth is the only way tourists planning for great wildlife encounter in Uganda can have their expectation fulfilled.
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