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heritage-safari-lodge - murchisonPositioned in the north of Uganda at the northern section of the Uganda safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park, Heritage Safari Lcodge present an amazing and yet affordable overnight stay that is indeed beyond the ordinary.
Set up by the Husband and life team from the local neighborhood, Heritage safari lodge features traditional Acholi hut architectural design that is blended with modernity to derive ultimate comfort to travelers on safaris in Uganda. Accommodation is provided in round huts that are spread apart from each other with considerable degree of privacy that everyone fancies while on a safari in the wilderness.
The units enjoy a rich cross-sectional view of the Nile River as it makes its way from Lake Albert heading to Sudan and eventually the Mediterranean Sea making it the longest River in the whole world. The cottages are self-contained with modern flushing toilets, eco-friendly bath room fixtures and an impressive shower head. The arrangement of the accommodation is given in luxury, cottages and standard cottages along with tents. There is an ideal camping ground for the camping travelers on Uganda safaris and tours.
The remarkable early morning view of the rolling savannah along with a fresh breath from the adjacent Nile River combined with the possible sightings of elephants that tend to roam around present an ideal first sight through your window of a cottage at Heritage Safari Lodge.
The accommodation is configured in single, double, twin, triple, Quadruple and family arrangement. Heritage Safari Lodge features an expert team with dexterity in service and Kitchen thus serving considerable meal that features modern standards with consideration to the respective dietary requirements of the respective clients. The stand-alone restaurant also features a bar and is within the reach from every individual cottage.
Most significantly, Heritage would be like any other safari accommodation establishment without William. William the owner is a great man that will not only offer you a remarkable welcome but identifies his time to chat with you in your free moments. He is an educationist and a parent with considerable experience in daily life and adventure. He is an all-round and meeting him will never be a disappointment but a remarkable memory that will contribute to your general experience of your safari in Uganda. Travelers who have met him have testimonies to tell as it can be viewed from the trip advisor page. Thus, it can be your turn too and you encounter the man that has made Heritage Safari Lodge beyond the ordinary.
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