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The development of tourism at any destination does not come on a silver plate but it takes a multitude of factors to support its growth among which there is infrastructure development. Destinations like Uganda need to invest in their infrastructure in order to increase on the number, quality and satisfaction of Uganda safari travellers. Infrastructure in form of transport system like the fixed facilities such as roads, stations, terminals and airports, the control system like the traffic lights, signage and intelligent systems need to be developed to ensure the smooth flow of travellers on safari in Uganda. The investment in infrastructure can incorporate the upgrading or setting up of modern health centers, power extension, ICT and telecommunication services in the respective safari destinations so as to make the lives of Uganda safari undertakers comfortable. When the infrastructure is developed, Uganda’s destination competitiveness would be enhanced and would definitely gain position in the travellers’ minds invigorating their willingness to undertake safaris to Uganda. Even Uganda wildlife safari or gorilla tracking products will gain position in the market place as there would be enabling environment to access them. Fortunately, the government of Uganda has realized this and earmarked the resources to start on some of these projects though more needs to be done to help Uganda safari undertakers achieve a sheer sensory over load regarding their safari experience in Uganda.

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