kagulu hillPositioned in the district of Buyende 30km from the town of Kamuli, the Uganda safari feature of Kagulu hill stands high above other ordinary hills at an elevation of 10,000ft above the sea level. Kagulu hill is such a stunning feature that any traveller on safari in Uganda would be gifted to undertake provided he/she is chanced to know about it. Traditionally standing with in the principality of Bugabula in the Kingdom of Busoga, the huge protruding rock has got a rich cultural significance to the people of Busoga as evidenced by the existence of the caretakers that have lived on its foot hills for centuries past. This Uganda safari adventure site is noted to have been the first settlement center for the migrant Basoga who the folks have it that they entered Uganda via the East.

The rock has got some disposition to the Chwezi heritage and sometimes the caretakers receive supernatural interventions from the hill top and get visions to share with other local people which would be a remarkable encounter if luckily encountered while on safari in Uganda. The Kagulu hill is such adventurous activity and climbing it to the top is by no means an easy activity particularly for the first time climbers on Uganda safaris. However, it such a rewarding encounter and can be incorporated as part of Jinja adventure tours, gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, wildlife safaris or Chimpanzee trekking safaris.

Upon reaching the hill top, the magnificent views of the waterfalls flowing down the rocks, sights of ancient caves that were explored by King Olimi I of Bunyoro in 1686 who used to seek sanctuary on this hill and the overlooking views of Lake Kyoga plus the meandering Nile River combine to appreciate your decision of including Kagulu hill while planning safari to Uganda.

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