katwe crater lakeThe Katwe explosion crater is positioned in the Uganda’s prime national park of Queen Elizabeth – the most visited wildlife safari park in Uganda. It is believed that this significant Uganda safari feature came into existence as a result of violent eruptions that took place approximately 8000 – 10,000 years ago alongside other famous crater fields of Bunyaruguru in Kichwamba and Ndali Kasenda crater near Fort portal all in western Uganda and can be evidently seen while undertaking safari in Uganda.  Today these crater fields stand as splendid scenic areas with a range of flora and fauna dwellings around them something worth encountering while planning your safari to Uganda.

Regardless of the fellow volcanic feature that were formed as a result of heaping of ash ejected from underground, the explosion craters were as a result of strong eruptions that could sweep the ash far away leaving an open hollows that were later filled with water to form the re-known crater lakes  like Lake Katwe.  The Katwe explosion crater can be reached on Uganda safari just close to the peninsular of Mweya which also happens to be the highest point in the Uganda safari destination of Queen Elizabeth and a rewarding 27 km crater drive is there to offer you a remarkable memory of your safari in Uganda.

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by Siima Simon peter