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kazinga -channelThe paradise of Hippos as it is sometimes describe d by Uganda safari undertakers, the 45km long Kazinga Channel is one of the natural offerings that Uganda is gifted to have shared.
Situated in Queen Elizabeth National Park which is the most visited park by travellers on safaris and tours in Uganda, Kazinga Channel connects two lakes namely George and Edward in the east and the west respectively. The channel draws its water from Lake George which is drained by the fine waters of the Mount Rwenzori glaciers that are impressive to encounter by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours.
Kazinga Channel is being known as the paradise of Hippos because of its great Hippo concentrations. It is not the first time for it to have such numbers. In 1950s, the area experienced enormous Hippo numbers that the land around could not no longer sustain them and other wildlife which prompted the authorities to carry out the great Hippo curl that reduced the Hippo numbers to minimal size but have later considerably recovered. Besides Hippos, Kazinga Channel contains the counts of Nile Crocodiles which is listed as the world’s second largest reptile after the salty crocodile. The counts of birds and wild game drinking on the channel side have also combined to make Kazinga cannel a memorable micro destination for traveller on Uganda safaris.
The thrilling launch cruise along the stretch is more rewarding in the afternoon and visitors who have Queen Elizabeth on their travel itineraries rarely miss on this memorable activity.
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