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cultural tourismThe governor of the Bungoma area – Kenneth Lusaka and the governor of the Trans Nzoia area – Patrick Khaemba attended the launch of the Imbalu festival, one of the famous Uganda safari products. These hail from the neighboring Bukusu community of Kenya who are believed to be the brothers of the Bagisu people of Uganda.

The Imbalu ceremony is a historical event that marks the transition of a male person from childhood to adulthood. This year’s imbalu ceremony took place at Mutoto grounds in Bulambuli district and it is believed to have pulled crowds to undertake safaris to Uganda most of which were domestic tourists.

The two Kenyan governors were accompanied by a team of Bagisu elders, officials from the Ministry of Culture and soothsayers with the sole aim of learning how the Imbalu ceremony can be developed as a tourism product in their land since it has proven to be among the Uganda safari products in the country so far.

The imbalu involves a lot of dancing, rituals and practices which appear to be interesting thus worth attending while on safari in Uganda.

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