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KIBALE NATIONAL PARKKibale National Park is located in south western Uganda and protected by the moist ancient and ever green forests which are homes to 13 primates and different bird species and thus attracting a lot of Safaris to Uganda.

The National park for long has been a center for Research because of its unique and rare tree species plus the different medicinal plants. This has made the park one of the best place for research and thus attracting Uganda safaris especially tourists who come for research.

Kibale national park is a home to 13 different primate species and including the chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are man’s closest living relative on earth which has not evolved. Tracking chimps in Kibale National park offers tourists an opportunity to also spot other primates like the Blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys among others thus leading to increase in Uganda safari.

The park also accommodates about 325 bird species which can be spotted while on nature walks or chimpanzee tracking , or you can also have birding as and activity. Birding in this national park is exciting since you will get to see different and rare tree species, primate, and colorful butterflies among others thus a place to enjoy your vacation while on your safari visit to Uganda

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