Kibuye town-rwandaThe land of thousand hills may be famous for its unique landscape, but its diverse lakes are too splendid and provide the best get way for domestic and international visitors on Rwanda safaris.
As one of the outstanding water bodies in Africa, Lake Kivu is not ordinary; the wonderful lake is located on the western corner of Rwanda and forms the frontier with DRC. Dotted or distributed a

long the shore lines of the lake are delightful, charming towns and villages ranging from bustling Gisenyi suited in the north, to the industrious Cyangugu in the south.
These two towns are more popularly visited by tourists on Rwanda safaris, but there are some unexplored or less visited places along the lake. Among these include Kibuye town, which is without any thinking or doubt the perfect home of tranquility in the land of thousand hills.
Located on the western province of Rwanda just 2-3 hours’ drive, Kibuya town strategically lying between Gisenyi and Cyangugu is blessed with breath taking views, relaxed atmosphere as well as picturesque sunsets. The first thing you notice as you drive to Kibuye is Nyabarongo River with the picturesque water falls, past historical Nyange and Murrambi famous for the 50,000people who were mercilessly killed during the bloody 1994 Genocide waged against the Tutsi.
The town offers views of spectacular Lake Kivu and its convenient location in hills offers wonderful views from all over vantages /viewing points. The town has tranquil feel, helped or assisted by relaxing way fishing boats, nestled with natural beauty and landscape that will take visitors breathe way. Kibuye is the only place in Rwanda that can refresh and rejuvenate souls.
For those planning to undertake Rwanda Safari to explore the tranquil Kibuye, the town has number of accommodations options that cater for all kinds of travelers .The most outstanding include Cormorant Lodge, Moriah Hill resort and Rwiza guest house.
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