Rwanda's Butare museumButare usually visited by travellers on Rwanda safaris and tours is Rwanda’s intellectual city has population estimate of 77,000 people as of August 2002 statistics and located in the Huye district Southern Province of Rwanda. It is one on the traditional cities and also colonial capital of the former Province of Butare, Rwanda, that was separated in January of year, 2006.
It is a town in Rwanda where North Gate University of Rwanda is located and also holds the prestigious Nyakibanda Seminary which is Rwandan National Institute of Scientific Research, therefore tourists, researchers interested in finding or doing researcher in Rwanda can visit Butare and due to its strategically location for universities, its often regarded as university city in Rwanda.
Butare is also a place on interest to visitors because it’s where Ruhande Arboretum and a cathedral is located and hence tourists interested in religious tourism as part of their Rwanda safari package can visit the place to experience the holy blessing from the cathedral and it’s also home to the Butare Stadium (stade Huye). In this stadium one can enter to relax and enjoy the local foot ball matches as well as watching some music performances which are always organized in the stadium.
The city of Butare mainly considered as the intellectual capital of the country does not hold political powers unlike its counterpart city Kigali which holds most of political powers. Historically Belgian colonial rulers named the place to astride city and this was done in respect and remembrance of Belgium Queen Astrid.
The most interesting thing in this place is the National Museum of Rwanda which was built in the early years of 1990s and the museum houses almost the best ethnographic collections in whole of East Africa. Absorbing displays of traditional artifacts are illuminated by a selection of turn-of-the-century which shows photographs, providing insight of the current developments of Rwanda’s modern developing country in Africa. Butare also boasts craft shops as well as a botanical garden. Hence Butare is a good place for tourists interested on the cultural history of the country and the region at large and thus can offer memorable experience to travellers on safaris in Rwanda.
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