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mountain gorillasGorillas which are usually encountered on Uganda gorilla trekking safaris and tours are interesting species with closeness to human beings in terms of their DNA. They thrive in relatively calm social groups normally led by the dominant silverback with silver hair on its back demonstrating its God given age counts.
The gorillas which form the ground for one of the most lucrative tourist activities in the country the gorilla trekking in Uganda live in relatively small land coverage and various groups can utilize the converging areas and sometimes overlap with no great fights.
The aspect of social grooming is central to gorilla families as it helps in establishing and reinforcing of social bonds. They groom one another by drawing to each other with their teeth and fingers. These famous species which prompts travellers all over the world to undertake gorilla safari tours to Uganda and Rwanda with an interest of encountering them are inherently herbivores though some contents like snails, termites, ants among others are included but on a small scale.
At the age of 10 years, the female gorillas will fulfill their natural endowment of producing young ones like any other living species and they have an interval of 3 – 4 years. During heat period, the female gorilla can only conceive for only 3 days in a month. The gestation period stretches up to nine months just like their human cousins but the baby gorillas are much lighter than those of humans weighing about 4 pounds at birth though the rate of growth doubles that of humans. Baby gorillas can be encountered while on gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.
The mountain gorillas tend to spend great deal of their time on ground rather than trees and they build new nest every night regardless of the distance from the former nests. Gorillas were also encountered in 2005 trying to use simple tools to execute light tasks in the wild. For example, using sticks to test the depth of muddy water and crossing swamps.
The belch vocalization among the mountain gorillas is a sign of content and contact call in the process of foraging while aggressive displays like chest beating would definitely mean warning against a threat or a surprise and is normally done by male gorillas. Gorillas are able to communicate information in a range of context including the teaching the young ones survival skills including food search and courtship. Also like other apes like chimpanzees which are highly encountered by travellers on chimpanzee trekking safaris and tours in Uganda and orangutans, gorillas have the capacity to grasp basic human sign language.

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