birding safarisUganda and Korean governments have decided to partner up in order to promote tourism in the two countries. This is to help in increasing the revenues of the country also increasing safaris to Uganda and also to Korea. This cooperation is mainly based on improving the tourism sector in the two countries.

The cooperation will help in enhancing the number of tourists who will travel to these countries; this is because more visitors from Uganda will find it easy to travel to Korea to participate in tourism activities, and this will also happen to Korean tourists who will travel to Uganda to participate in Uganda safaris, this will however help in developing the tourism sector.

The government of Uganda has also decided to give some animals to Korean government so that they can also expand their wildlife tourism in the country. They were given some Zebras, bush bucks and many others; this will also help in increasing safari tours to both Uganda and Korea.This cooperation will also help in increasing international tourists from all over the world to come and visit these countries; this will help in increasing revenues to the countries and also increasing safari tours to both countries which are in the cooperation .The cooperation is to benefit Uganda in the way that many countries all over the world will come to know about Uganda as a tourist destination, this will help in marketing and promoting it which will help in increasing safaris in Uganda, hence developing the tourism sector.

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