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Every year, the destination Rwanda conducts the Kwita Izina Ceremony which is a special event marking the naming of the baby Mountain Gorillas. An event that started as a simple thing has now become phenomenal and traditional in the Rwanda’s national tourism calendar and has been packaged as one of the Rwanda safari tour products.

At Kinigi – the headquarters of the Rwanda gorilla safari destination of Volcanoes National Park, a statue of a giant Mountain Gorilla was lifted to commemorate the 2017 Kwita Izina Ceremony. The event for this year was held on Sept 1st.

The 2017 Kwita Izina ceremony was the 13th of its kind and a total of nineteen (19) baby gorillas were named amidst a great gathering comprising of the local people, International conservationists and the visitors who were on gorilla safari in Rwanda.  This undertaking has proven very vital as regards monitoring and conservation of these great apes that are critically endangered world over.

The Kwita Izina event involves a range of activities including; the launch of the projects financed under the revenue sharing scheme in all the three Rwanda tour parks, familiarization tour for the tour agents, Kwita Izina gala dinner where the fundraising for the expansion of Gorilla habitat was undertaken, conservation and tourism exhibition and the famous conversation on conservation before concluding with the baby gorilla naming itself.

With it occurring successfully for the 13th time and still on for the years to come, the Kwita Izina ceremony has indeed become a traditional event of Rwanda and among those iconic events that world travellers planning safaris to Rwanda can  include on their itinerary depending on the travel period.