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lake-albert-safariDating back from the earlier explorers who undertook safaris in Uganda in search of the natural wonders particularly the source of River Nile, Lake Albert got its name from Sir Samuel Baker who named it after Prince Albert the consort of Queen Victoria in 1864. Lake Albert which has passed through a series of nomenclature including; Albert Nyanza and Lake Mobutu Sese Seko is by no means an ordinary lake. It is the seventh largest lake in Africa and holds 27th position in the whole world by volume which makes it stand among Africa’s great lakes playing a significant political role because of its boundary position between Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.
Lake Albert 160km in length and 30km in width is the first lake in the Albertine rift valley that contains a range of endemic species including the critically endangered mountain gorillas which have provided the base for gorilla safaris in Uganda. It forms the joining point between the Victoria Nile and Albert Nile and acts a destination for River Semuliki waters.
Besides national parks that are always encountered on Uganda safaris like Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale which is famous for Chimpanzee trekking, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National park among others, Uganda also has a number wildlife, game and community reserves with a lot of flora and fauna like Kabwoya wildlife reserve that lie on the shores of Lake Albert. Kabwoya has thousands of Kobs among other wildlife that make travellers on Uganda safari to get mesmerized with enormous Kob congregations with their ears quivering before taking off .taking along with them bushbucks, duikers and range of birds. Buffaloes also exist in numbers while over 460 bird species including bee-eaters, sun birds and birds of prey exist in the reserve.
It is with in these environs that Lake Albert Safari Lodge with its 12 cottages is perched. The Safari lodge overlooks the lake and the Congo’s Blue Mountains. Its rooms are not heavily furnished featuring double, twin and option for extra bed. Mosquito nets are available and inverter batteries provide the lighting while hot water is generated by solar water heaters. Wi-Fi internet is available at the lounge with a swimming pool in the gardens. The meeting room though small arrests the worries of business Uganda safari travellers while meals are prepared at the lodge. The flat screen is available while night fires are lit to have perfect African nights.
With its position which is 1 hour drive from Hoima, 3 ½ from Murchison as well as Fort Portal and 5 ½ from Queen Elizabeth, Lake Albert Safari Lodge provides a perfect overnight stop over or even day lunch break between these destinations which makes it suitable to be included on the list of those planning safaris to Uganda.
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