Dating from the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the city of Kigali has never been alive and booming like many other cities in the region like Kampala. Despite its cleanliness and awesomeness during the day, the life of the night dwellers was far from satisfaction. This could be attributed to less happening places in this city of Rwanda- the land of a thousand of hills.

Kigali only acted as Rwanda safari starting point for visitors connecting to destinations like Parc Nationale des Volcanoes, Akagera and Nyungwe National parks while on their Wildlife safari or gorilla tracking in Rwanda. In case of any stop, Kigali genocide memorial was the place to go.

It was such a dull city that apart from eating fine meals, nothing more revelled in the entertainment minds of the residents and overnight visitors. However, just like a common saying which states that “If you don’t want to change, change will change you”, the dull leisure moments in Kigali city have not managed to stand the test of time. The whole setting has changed and a multitude of recreational leisure facilities have exploded up making it to walk in the footsteps of popular African cities like Cape town. Happening places like Casinos, Bars, Movie theatres, among other leisure centres have combined to transit the leisure moments of Kigali city to the interests of both city residents and overnight travellers.

Regardless of the traditional soccer entertainment and irregular local dance shows, Kigali city now has endless music concerts with famous regional and international musicians, Film festivals, Audio Visual entertainment, Fashion nights, Comedy, Beauty pageants all of which are worthy to make your night while on safari visit to Rwanda.

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