Local communities to be supported by tourism stake holders-Uganda safari news

cultural dances in ugandaThe ministry of tourism has argued the tourism stakeholders to support the local communities. This will help the local communities to work with the park management in the conservation and preservation of the national parks and also help them to improve their house hold incomes. This will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, since the tourists will be able to visit the local people.

The tourism stake holders should empower the people who live around the parks to grow the vegetables since through this, they can be able to sell them to hotels which receive clients. Hotels around the parks can spend less through buying the vegetables from the local people; this will help improve the tourism industry and also increasing the number of safari tours to Uganda.

The local people can also be encouraged to carry out cultural performances which can be loved by the tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda. The local people can also be encouraged to start craft work which can also be sold to the tourists for an income. This will also help in attracting more tourists to come for safaris.

The local people have also developed community based tourism which has turned the local people into entrepreneurs and this has also encouraged the local people to participate in tourism development of the country. The local people have also engaged in sustainable tourism which is the type of tourism developed without impacting the environment.

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