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Lupita Nyongo -ugandaThe world’s celebrated actress star Lupita Nyongo caught the world by her latest fashion inspired by the Nsenene Species that she encountered on her recent safari to Uganda. The celebrity presents at her show with a stopping style streak at the commencement in the 68th Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday in France one of the originating areas for travelers that do safaris to Uganda.
The 32 year old took over the red carpet in a twirling glamorous grasshopper green chiffon gown pleated by Gucci. The people magazine declared Lupita the winner of the famous Cannes Red Carpet because of her unique dress that was inspired by the Ugandan Nsenene which are all over when it is their season here in Uganda. They are among the Ugandan delicacies and travelers on Uganda safaris and tours tend to opt to test a little of this impressive delicacy.
The celebrated Lupita was noted of recent in Uganda shooting the movie Queen of Katwe in the capital Kampala also was proudly inspired by this Ugandan delicacy which formed the ground for her dress fashion while the hair was stimulated by the Ugandan women.
After the event, Lupita was proud to post on her wall acknowledging the inspiration from Uganda and as a result Nsenene has gained popularity all over and searches would definitely lead them to Uganda telling them that Nsenene is a local word for grass hoppers. This might prompt other travelers to plan undertaking safaris in Uganda to encounter such impressing Species.

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