magical kenya travel expoThe East African Community Partner states that went ahead to form the northern corrider Integration project with membership of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda feature a prime event for each country that is recognized among the partner states. The destination Uganda features the Uganda Martyrs day where pilgrims for various parts of the world and within the country undertake the Uganda safaris to participate in the event, the Kwita izina or call it the gorilla naming event for Rwanda which attract counts of world travelers to take gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda to participate in the event and then magical tourism expo for Kenya.
Having successfully conducted the respective events in Uganda and Rwanda, the turn for Kenya has now arrived. The Magical Kenya Tourism Expo that is going to run from 15th- 17th October 2015 is anticipated to host about 180 prime trade representatives from about 35 destinations that will in turn enable the tourism sector in the region to flourish.
Kenya is dedicated to taking the participants around the country to explore the magical heritage, wildlife and recreation before settling for the main expo. The range of travel agents, the hoteliers, and tour operators including Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Ltd represented by Samuel Makanga and travel media originating from Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe will make the expo colorful and significant to the regional tourism development.
The 2015 Magical Kenya Tourism Expo is the fifth of its kind and it will be held at Kwale the Kenya’s Coastal region. The expo is running under the theme Sustainability; Keeping the Magic Alive. The expo has gained ground steadily marked by the 40% increase in the number of exhibitors for the last four years.
The expo is bringing a significant addition to the marketing efforts that are aiming at re-positioning East Africa as a tourist destination globally and shade off the image of terror that has affected Kenya greatly because of the common terror attacks. The expo will mark the tourism revival and act as a perfect ground for business to business interaction and also business to customer interaction thus generating market and increase the tourist arrivals in the region including those on safaris to Uganda.
Tourism continues to play a significant role in the economic development of the regional states as it stands as Kenya’s second foreign exchange earner and the first in Rwanda and while in 2013, it topped the foreign exchange earnings in Uganda.