MRS.RUTH KEESLINGMakerere University in its batch of 65th graduation ceremony that started on 21st January 2015 incorporated the honoring of one the world’s re-known mountain gorilla conservationist and philanthropist Mrs. Ruth Keesling with a honorary doctor of science for the great work in the world on conservation especially the Uganda’s mountain gorillas that have formed the rich ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
Mrs. Keesling at 84 years of age is credited for having dedicated her efforts for over 30 years including time and finances for the cause of mountain gorilla conservation and enhance the lasting legacy of the world’ re-known mountain gorilla conservationists Dian Fossey. Keesling’s works are exhibited in the recovery of the populations of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas that are highly sought by travellers on Uganda gorilla safaris and tours from about 248 to the current 880 of which a half of these thrive in Uganda.
The accreditation and honoring of Mrs. Ruth Keesling attracted a wild applause and great affirmation at one of the upmarket Uganda safari tour accommodation establishments in Kampala – the Sheraton Hotel on the Thursday 22nd January 2015.
Initially an American based Journalist who later turned into a conservationist and a philanthropist, Ruth Keesling is credited for extending her utmost hand for the conservation of mountain gorillas from the verge of extinction. Mountain gorillas are the prime product that is normally looked up to by travellers on safaris and tours in Uganda.
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