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uganda safariUganda has got diverse culture which is enjoyed by many tourists who come for Uganda safaris; this has helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector in the country.

Culture in Uganda is mainly based on tribes, were by the country has got many tribes which include; the Baganda, basoga, the bagishu, banyankole, there are also many tribes from the north and from the east as well as the west and the central. All these cultures from these tribes have helped in increasing safaris to Uganda.

There are many cultural sites in Uganda which have helped in increasing safari visits to Uganda, these include; the Kasubi tombs, Bahai temple, the Kabaka’s lake, Kabaka’s palace, Bulange building, and many sites which are located outside the capital city of Uganda.

Creativity in Culture is a vital tool in promoting tourism in the country; this is because many tourists will book safaris to a particular destination because of the appearance of cultural sites which are renovated in a wonderful manner and also these site help in increasing revenues in the country and also developing the tourism sector.

Culture is an important aspect in developing the tourism sector in any country and so the government needs to come up with many programmes which are aimed at promoting the cultural aspects of Uganda to the outside world hence increasing the number of safaris in Uganda.

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