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The number of internet users is sprouting at a high speed as the years go by. The Uganda bureau of statistics estimated that the internet penetration is at a percentage of 51.9. which is roughly about 19million internet users. Can you imagine that the number of internet users is greater than the number of people in some countries! Woo that’s amazing.

The statistics also show that a big number of people spend most of their time online. This means that internet is a very ideal, effective and efficient way to do marketing. Imagine having a big number of clients through online tourism marketing coming for Uganda safaris/ Uganda safari/ safari to Uganda/ gorilla safaris in Uganda or even gorilla safaris in Congo!

Uganda should enhance the use of social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, pin interest etc. these platforms generate a lot of traffic from their users.

We have national wide booming businesses where their owners took up online marketing. And as we speak now, they are very far compared to where they would have been without internet.

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Oscar Ntege a prominent photographer is a good example of social media marketing. Oscar says his first encounter with media, Facebook to be exact was at a low growth. He says he started off with a point of being desperate to sell his product to the community. To cut the long story short, he later realized that he had to change his tactic of using social media. So, he started real online marketing. Since he was in photography, he used his best taken shoots to attract people online.

The ministry of tourism is putting more emphasis on online marketing for both local and international tourists. This activity will also promote domestic tourism within the country.


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Uganda tourism industry should market via social media – Uganda safari news