uganda tourist attractionsLack of enough marketing of the tourism sector in Uganda has brought about low development of the industry which has led to reduced safari tours to Uganda hence reducing the revenues of the country and also affecting the development of the tourism sector.

Uganda has been facing poor marketing of the tourism sector which has brought low numbers of safaris in the country. This has affected the revenues from the sector and also leading to poor development of the tourism sector in Uganda.

The tourism sector of Uganda needs marketing since it’s considered to be the highest revenue earner of the country and this means that if the sector is well known to the outside world, this will also help to increase the number of safaris in the country and also helping in improving the tourism sector.

Marketing of the tourism sector in Uganda can be done in many ways and these include; using on line marketing which is used by many company’s which market Uganda, use of brochures, flyers, many more, these have greatly helped in increasing safaris to Uganda.

Marketing of the tourism sector in Uganda will help in transforming the tourism sector and also helping in raising the number of tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda.

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