Media has done images of liona great job in improving and promoting tourism in the country. There has been great improvement in tourism coverage since many ways have been used by the media to spread the knowledge about tourism development in the country. There has been increased number of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda.

The media has got many components which have helped in marketing and promoting the tourism sector. These include; the television, newspapers, radios, brochures, flyers, the internet and many others. There has been continuous promotion of sustainable tourism with in the country and this has helped in the conservation and preservation of the national parks hence attracting more tourists to come for safaris.

The government however has not come up to support the proper marketing of the tourism sector which has affected the number of safaris operated with in the country, the most burden is left to the private individuals who don’t have enough funds in promoting and marketing the tourism sector. The media however, has put in a lot of efforts in improving the tourism sector of Uganda.

The media has played a great role of sensitizing, mobilizing and informing the people of Uganda to engage in the development of the tourism sector in the country. This has really helped in changing the poor image of Uganda abroad hence increasing the number of tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda.

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