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World travellers set off to their journeys either planned or sporadic but all in quest for those moments that reward them with satisfaction and lasting memories! In a similar mood, Dina Tamimi took up a gorilla safari in Uganda to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park to have amazing time with the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas but the outcome was more rewarding than the expected.

On Dec 1st 2016, this American National living in United Arab Emirates embarked on the gorilla trekking encounter in the Uganda Gorilla Safari destination of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the company of the Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger guides. It was an incredibly heart moving moment for her as one of the female members of  Nyakagezi Gorilla group named Cyizane gave birth in the company of mighty Silverback – Mark.

She was astonished by how the mother Gorilla cleaned the head of the baby Gorilla with her mouth and also chopped of the Placenta using her teeth. It was one of those unique wildlife moments that every world traveler would seek to explore on Africa gorilla trekking Safari in Uganda Rwanda Congo.

This Mountain Gorilla birth which increased the population of the group to eleven (11) members lured Dina into remarkable excitement and her amazing Video was viewed world over with lots of enthusiasm.

Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours would like to reiterate that such amazing wildlife moments have happened and continue to happen and thus taking up a safari to Uganda is the only password to unlocking the wonders of the ancient wild!