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golden monkey in Mgahinga npPositioned at the south western tip of Uganda 519km from Kampala and 14km from Kisoro town, Mgahinga National Park is one of the Uganda safari destinations that are famously known for its range and unique tourist attractions and activities. Extending for 33.7km2, Mgahinga National Park saw its first establishment in 1930 as a gorilla game sanctuary and was later upgraded to the national park status in 1991 when other protected areas like Rwenzori and Bwindi that are always sought for while on safari tour in Uganda were being established.
Mgahinga National Park contains the peaks of the three volcanic mountains that adjoin the greater Virunga massif comprising of eight volcanoes. These include; Mount Muhabura (4,127m), Mount Gahinga (3,474m) and Mount Sabyinyo (3,674m). These ranges offer a thrilling scenic encounter to travellers on Uganda safari holiday bordering Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Interesting to note about this protected area is that it is another refigium for the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas that have made the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda to flourish.
Besides mountain gorillas, Mgahinga National Park is a home to rare and endangered golden monkeys that only thrive in the Virunga massif in the whole world and this has made golden monkey tracking to flourish in Uganda. The combination of mountain gorillas i.e. the Nyakagyezi gorilla family with its dominant silverback Mark and the golden Monkeys that dwell in the Bamboo forests that mark the slopes of the volcanoes qualify Mgahinga National Park as a place where gold meets silver.
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