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ivoryThe Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities an institution that overlooks the issues of tourism, wildlife and heritage of Uganda forming a strong ground for Uganda safari tours  – Hon Maria Mutagamba issued a letter on 21st November calling for stepping down of Dr. Andrew Seguya who is the head of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) a public body that is charged with the responsibility of taking care of Uganda’s wildlife that thrive in various national parks, wildlife reserves, zoos and sanctuaries where Uganda safaris are undertaken so as to clear the way for uninterrupted investigations of the missing ivory from the government strong rooms.
The letter which was titled the Alleged Ivory Scam was addressed to the Board Chairman of Uganda Wildlife Authority and also copied to the Prime Minister of Uganda, the Commander of UPDF, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities, the director of Tourism Business at UWA Raymond Engena and the UWA director Andrew Seguya. This stipulated that Raymond Engena should take over the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority as Andrew Seguya take forced leave to allow smooth investigations into the ivory scam that arises from elephant poaching whose extinction threatens the flourishing of safari tours to Uganda.
The Ivory scam involves the 1,335kg of ivory equivalent to $1.1m or 3billion Uganda Shillings that went missing from the government strong rooms. Ivory is acquired from elephants which constitute the big five of land animals along with leopard, lion, Rhino and Buffaloes which are greatly sought for by travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda.
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