More Nordic Tourists to be attracted to Uganda-Uganda safari News

gorilla permitsUganda has a lot of tourist attractions and therefore many tourists have been attracted to come for safaris in Uganda. Many tourists have been coming for tours in Uganda from different parts of the country. This has therefore generated much revenue to the government of Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

 The Uganda tourism board together with the tour operators has decided to attract more Nordic tourists to Uganda. This is because the Nordic tourists have been coming for safari visits and have boosted the tourism sector. This has generated more investments in the sector hence attracting more safari tours to Uganda.

 The Uganda tourism board, Uganda wildlife Authority and the tour operators are working hard so as to improve the infrastructure of Uganda so as to increase more safari visits in Uganda. These include hotels, lodges, roads and others so as to provide better facilities to the tourists who come for Uganda tours hence boosting the tourism sector.

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