mt elgon - ugandaProtecting wildlife in the higher slopes of the world’s largest base of volcanic mountain; and previously Africa’s highest mountain; Mount Elgon National Park is one of the most decorated parts of Uganda and a highly desirable place to spend a honeymoon, romantic weekend or vacation away from the noisy city while on your tours and Safari in Uganda.
The park covers a total area of 1279 square kilometers but is cut into two sections by the international borderline that separates the countries of Uganda and Kenya. Kenya’s Wildlife Service owns 169 square kilometers while Uganda Wildlife Authority manages the bigger 1110 square kilometers of Mount Elgon National Park.
The park is situated at a bird’s distance of 140km away from the northeastern shores of Lake Victoria and 235km by road east of Uganda’s capital city Kampala; exposing Uganda Tours and Safari travelers to pleasant towns like Jinja and Mbale and brazenly gorgeous places like the longest river on earth, the Nile and Uganda’s largest area of a natural forest called Mabira.
With a lavish composition of habitats ranging from Afro-montane forests to grassland and moorland vegetation, the slopes of Mount Elgon are an apt home to quite a number of incredible species that you would be surprised to see at this altitude, including the elephants, duikers, bushbucks, buffalos, civet and serval cats, the charming fluffy rock and tree hyraxes; and the more commonly seen primates like the crazy baboons and the black and white colobus monkeys.
The park’s highly situated ecosystems also artfully forge lodging and breeding spots for over 300 species of birds including the endangered Lammergeier, Hartlaub’s Turaco, Jackson’s Francolin, and the Tacazze Sunbird.
In addition to the amazing vistas that hikers will enjoy of the caves peaks and caldera in Mount Elgon National Park; one of the more awe-inspiring things that guests will see are the many shades of brown and green which are formed by the park’s captivating vegetation. Like most of East Africa’s highlands, Mount Elgon National park opens up a new vegetation type the higher you go and has an insurmountable 400 floral species which make it the paramount heartwarming destination for hikers and other nature devotees aboard a Safari and Tour to Uganda’s eastern region.
The many attractions in Mount Elgon National Park are finely supplemented by things to do and places to visit around the park including three stunning waterfalls; Sipi, Ngasire and Simba; the important Nyero rock paintings which are believed to have been painted before 1250 AD by one of the artists of the stone age; and encounters with the Gisu and Sabiny people who treasure the mountain and would prefer to die if asked to depart from it.
The Bagisu who see the mountain as a quintessence of their forefather (Masaaba), have an interesting annual ceremonial event. Depending on the time of your scheduled visit, you may grace the colorful Imbalu ceremony of the Bagisu which culminates in the individual initiation of boys to manhood. This ceremony peaks in activity in around the month of August yearly.
There’s too much to see and to do during your Tour and Safari to Mount Elgon National Park. You could decide to just participate in mountaineering to the Wagagai peak, ride a bike up through the park’s trails; make discerned observations of the bird and mammalian species or participate in sport fishing. Mount Elgon National Park is just an incredible place to be!

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