christopher slappedGorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda   is one of the icon tourism products that the country has to offer to the travelling world. Sharing a proportion of 440 mountain gorillas that are currently thriving in the Virunga Volcanoes, Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park has positioned its self as a famous destination where travelers on gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda can always meet their expectations.
It is such a memorable moment when you have a direct encounter with gorillas after a long period of preparation for a gorilla trek and the eventual traversing of challenging landscapes that are involved. The combination of these always make the gorilla safari tour a lasting memory in your life time.
The thrill occurred over the last weekend when a wildlife photographer was clobbered by a 30-stone mountain gorilla. Known as Christophe Courteau who was undertaking his gorilla safari in Rwanda was tracking Kwitonda gorilla family in Rwanda’s National Park of Volcanoes when the mighty silver back of the family named Akevuro who was intoxicated from the fermented bamboo stems resolved to attack him after becoming angry with his camera.
The 6ft 6in & 30stone silverback spotted a camera lens pointing at him and since he was under the influence of alcoholic substance, it mistook him as its enemy thus launching an attack on him. Akevuro – the silverback produced a spectacular close-up thwacking the 46 year old photographer effortlessly to the ground before trampling on him leaving him with a souvenir scar on his fore head something that will make him remember the Rwanda gorilla trekking safari tour in his life time.
Mr. Courteau who was taking photos on his knees could not move away before the mountain gorilla pushed him out of there as if he had not there which he calls in his own words “’I felt all of his power and weight on my body. It was like being hit by a train” justifying the mighty power of the silverback which has for some time attracted world travellers to undertake gorilla safaris and tours in Rwanda.
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