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uganda toursMpambire located along the Kampala – Masaka road which continues to the Uganda safari destinations of south western Uganda via Mbarara can be wholesomely branded the epicenter of drum making in Uganda. Mpambire is entirely local and authentic African village with close to 1000 occupants whose life is centered on the activity of drum making alongside crop cultivation for sustenance as it can be seen while on safari in Uganda.

Traditionally, Mpambire used to craft the royal drums for the Kingdom of Buganda but as things kept on changing and with opportunities presented by the increased safari visits in Uganda, the local crafts men had to diversify their market to satisfy the interests of Uganda safari undertakers.

The concept of drum making is by no means ordinary as it involves high degree of dexterity and keen consideration of the raw materials. No wonder the local craftsmanship skills are admired by everybody on Uganda safari. With its position en route to safari destinations of Bwindi – famous for gorilla trekking , L. Mburo national park – the smallest savannah park in Uganda with the highest concentration of Impala, Queen Elizabeth National park – famous for her wildlife safaris more uniquely the tree climbing lions and Mgahinga gorilla national park – famous for gorilla tracking; Mpambire is a perfect stop center for all the travellers to these Uganda safari destinations. The experience at Mpambire can range from mere watching to acquisition of a souvenir – something that will make you recall that you undertook safari to Uganda.

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