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MUSANZE CAVES RWANDAMusanze is considered to be the source of adventure in Rwanda since it has always attracted many safari tours which have helped in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector and also helping in developing the sector in the country.

Musanze area has got many tourist activities which are enjoyed by visitors who come for safaris to Rwanda; the main activity is mountain gorilla tracking which has helped in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector. This activity has been the oldest activity which is carried out in the area and these primates are well protected and conserved.

The new attraction in Musanze are the Musanze caves ,which provide good experience to the tourists , these are 2 km caves, these are mainly used for cave touring which is liked by many tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda, this has helped to develop the area hence developing the tourism sector.

It has been discovered that it’s good to offer the visitors a variety that has given rise to Musanze caves, this will automatically help in increasing safari tours to Rwanda and also helping in developing the tourism sector with in the country.

The cost of visiting the caves is so cheap and this means the place is affordable to the visitors who wish to have safaris to the place, for foreign visitors, the cost is $50 and for residents, its 40 dollars While Rwandan nationals pay 4,000 Rwandan francs for adult and 2,000 francs for students.

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