Museveni ordered poachers to be shooted-Uganda safari News

museveniThe president of Uganda, his excellence Yoweri Museveni has given permission to Uganda people’s defense force to shoot poachers who have cautiously refused to stop killing the animals with in the national park. This will help in increasing the number of animals with in the national parks hence helping in increasing the number of safari tours to Uganda.

The president ordered the killing of all the poachers who kill animals with in the parks. This will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari tours with in the country. This is because all the animals will be well protected and guided with in their habitants. The Uganda People’s defense force will help killing all these poachers with in the national parks.

Museveni has encouraged all the park managers to help in strengthening the security all around the national parks which will help in protecting these animals with in the national parks. The president also said the all the national parks should be well guarded and protected in order to control poaching with in the country.

Tourism has earned Uganda high revenues and this has helped in developing the country. Many people have come out and said that poaching and hunting is so dangerous to the wildlife with in the countries where tourism is being developed, this has however brought about decreased safari visits to Uganda.

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