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Namugongo Martyrs shrine uganda Located at 15 km in the eastern side of Kampala – Uganda’s capital, Namugongo Martyrs shrine is one of the rich Uganda safari products that the country has got to offer to the visiting world. Namugongo was like any other place until June 1886 when the then King of Buganda, Kabaka Mwanga turned against his people who had abandoned their traditional religious practices in favor of the western Christian religion and subjected them to live execution at Namugongo following their refusal to denounce the new religion.
On 3rd June every year, many people included those from outside world plan their safari to Uganda to pay pilgrimage to a number of Ugandans who allowed themselves to be burned to death for the sake of religion. In October 18, 1964, these people were canonized as the saints by the Pope after the locals had prayed through them against the small pox epidemic and got healed. A church in form of a traditional Buganda hut was constructed and the Pope Pau VI consecrated it on 2nd August 1969. It is known as Basilica and has good impression if encountered on Uganda safari tours.
The Namugongo Martyrs shrine has got a small lake and beautiful gardens that presents an ideal environment for prayers, meditation and pilgrimage while on safaris in Uganda. The site is positioned in Kyaliwajara ward, Kira Municipality in the district of Wakiso on the geographical coordinates of 0°23’43.0″N, 32°39’57.0″E.
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