nature walks - ugandaUganda the pearl of Africa provides unique opportunities for travelers on Uganda safaris to appreciate nature at close range by taking a nature walk to some of the most splendid features distributed in different parts of the country. A nature walk taken to the top of the falls will leave you interesting and stunned by the force of the river through a narrow gorge as it plunges several meters deep, while a walk to the hot springs in Semuliki will leave you in awe some experience as you marvel or enjoy the views of God’s unexplainable art and power in creation.
In Uganda, Nature walks are also conducted in Uganda safari destination of Mabira forest, Kibale forest and Kasenge forest among others. The nature walks reward visitors with the views and sights of unique primate species, bird species and rare plant life. Various walking trails, board walks have been developed to help control environmental effects of trampling.
Community walks are also available for those visitors on Safari tours to Uganda with the motive to explore or discover more about the different wildlife, culture and life style of the local people living around protected areas. An experienced guide is available to take you through the community as you confront the locals and also find out more about their way of life. Some communities are already trained to receive visitors on Uganda Safaris and have a well-planned package of interesting features to exhibit to the visitors like traditional dance and drama, merry making storytelling and many more activities that change from one society to another.
More fascinating and refreshing is a tour to the more authentic and remote communities which have unique cultural ties like the Batwa in South western Uganda and Karamajong in the north eastern part of the country. Their exceptional activities are quite amazing, educative and will leave you with unfading memories which will stay in your mind for the rest of earth life.
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