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ndere troupe uganda safari tourFounded in 1986 by Mr Stephen Rwangyenzi, Ndere troupe has a very long and yet difficult journey until its full establishment at its current centre in Kisasi, a city suburb of Kampala. The Ndere troupe centre’s greatest contribution to Uganda safari is not embedded in its fine Buffet and Barbeque cuisine but in it’s amazing cross cultural performances that leaves every person on Uganda visit in a state of wonder. The warmth of the splendid tropical sun is still felt on the ground before guests start taking up their seats for the eventual start of these magical performances at 09:00 hours. The centre is a collection of all Music, Dance and Drama from all the regional inhabitants of Uganda and beyond. Amazing performances from Acholi, Lugbar, Karamajong, Bagisu, Baganda, Banyoro, Batooro, Banyankole, Bakiga and the tribes beyond boarders like Barundi and Banyarwanda all combine to provide a perfect summary of the local inhabitants of the great lakes region in a single night- an amazing encounter you will ever have while on Safari visit in Uganda.

The dance groups are clothed in traditional attire throwing their arms, legs, twisting their waist, bending their necks and showcasing all styles of dancing suiting the beats of drums, flute sounds among other traditional music instruments delivering a typical magical African experience suiting your Uganda safari-tour interests.

The experience at Ndere troupe goes beyond leisure, the messages uttered out during performance breaks are quite educative and aimed at closing cross-cultural differences among the people. It is no wonder that at the end of the show, all people from different cultural backgrounds join each other to dance the tunes and drum sounds from areas that they have never even reached or heard of in an enchanting mood of excitement. This is one of the memorable encounters, a visitor will ever have on safari to Uganda. This one night experience can crown your wildlife safari or Gorilla tracking in Uganda.

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