Uganda equator-kayabweUganda is vast geographical spread and her macro tourist destinations are scattered all over the country stretching from Kidepo Valley National Park in the extreme north east to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the extreme south west not forgetting Mount Elgon in the extreme east vis-à-vis Mount Rwenzori in the extreme west and a range of others that attract travellers to plan safaris to Uganda.
Connecting to these destinations form the man gate way of Uganda – Entebbe International Airport and Kampala city which are positioned on the shores of Lake Victoria, it automatically presents long journey transfers some of which require the whole day drive like the drive to the gorilla trekking haven of Bwindi and Mgahinga or the drive to the wildlife safari destination of Kidepo which even takes up to two days.
These long journeys are made in wilderness areas and rural environments that are deprived of decent stop centers that would enable travelers on safari in Uganda to have stops and ease themselves, relax, have a cup of coffee before embarking on their transfer journeys to the respective destinations.
The status quo shows that travellers on these routes find trouble with the congested and substandard toilets which at times forces the Uganda safari undertakers to resort to bush toilets which also comes along with its dangers. Thus, in order to achieve a flourishing tourism sector where the economy will generate good revenues and the travellers deriving ultimate satisfaction, Uganda has to embark on establishing stop centers along these routes and public private partnership would be the ideal way of executing it.
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