ziwa rhinosThe Rhino sanctuary is a good place for visitors to safari while on their safaris in Uganda. The place gives tourists a chance to see the rhinos which are one of the interesting animals that are seen in Uganda. This therefore makes tourists enjoy their Uganda safaris as they see very many unique animals hence boosting the tourism sector of Uganda.The former cabinet of the sanctuary has however finalized its duties and now the  new cabinet has been put in power to ensure that everything goes on well so as to attract more safaris to Uganda. The new elected cabinet is expected to improve the facilities and attractions in the sanctuary so as to increase the number of tourists coming to safari the area.The new cabinet has been encouraged to find out the problems of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and then find the solutions so as to attract tourists from different corners to come for safaris in Uganda to see the fabulous place. This will increase more revenues to the country hence boosting the tourism sector of Uganda as well as the economy as well.

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