nyero rock paintingsNyero rock paintings are unique rock painting in Uganda. This primitive painting dates back to the Later Iron Age.  Nyero rock paintings site is a three tiered rock shelters with primitive paintings on their inner surfaces. Although the painters’ cannot be identified, the paintings demonstrated a high degree of appreciation of their beautiful values.

Nyero rock paintings are found in Kumi district formally known as South Teso in eastern Uganda. The paintings supplemented the Iteso Identity and the whole of Africa. The paintings offer unique inspiration, decorative art, and inscription on natural lonely inselbergs in landscape with beautiful scenery for visitors to enjoy thus increasing safaris to Uganda.

This site is one of Uganda pride over other African countries. It portrays Uganda’s unique cultures back then in the Iron Age period. The rock art is Uganda’s precious treasure which she holds to protect from destruction thus increasing safari to Uganda

This site was added to the UNESCO world heritage tentative lists on 10 September 1997, in the cultural category thus showing how these paintings are so important not only to Uganda but the world at large thus encouraging Uganda safaris

The paintings are generally attributed to Batwa hunters and gathers that are of pygmy origin and they are thought to have immigrated because of the arrival of the Luo, Nilotic and Bantu groups and the meaning of the painting however is not known. However the paintings still looks gorgeously at the site thus attracting Uganda safaris.

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