oil& gas-imageThe East African Community (EAC) is in need of drafting of oil and gas policies that would see its beautiful environment spared to ensure the flourishing of safaris in the region including safaris to Uganda.
The Oil and Gas exploration and extraction is an endeavor that should be attempted with sustainable motive in order to safeguard bio-diversity and environment. The policies would definitely pray a central role in the combating of the infamous climate change that continues to threaten existence of various species including those that are encountered on safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.
The citizens need to have adequate sensitization so as to equip with the knowledge and skill that would motivate and stimulate them to work against deforestation and pollution. In a situation where the region has confirmed good quantities of oil and gas, drafting such policies would be very significant.
For example, Uganda has got 6.5 billion barrels of commercial Oil reserves in the Albert Graben which at the same time houses the Murchison Falls National Park which is one of the most visited micro destinations by travelers on safaris and tours in Uganda. Kenya has an estimate of 1 billion barrel while Tanzania has 53.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Rwanda has great prospects for oil and gas in Lake Kivu. All these reserves and the respective countries interests to exploit them could by all means lead to environmental degradation if there are no clear policies and stringent laws to guide the reserves development activities.
Failure to have such policies is a threat to aquatic life and the environment in general which would also continue to damage the tourism industry – reducing travel in the region including Uganda safari tours, weather patterns and food security leading to slowed economic growth in the long run.
The significance of conservation pressure groups, appropriate technology and the capacity of extraction companies to ensure that the oil and gas exploration co-exist alongside conservation is central in this aspect.

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