paraa-safari-ferry imageMurchison Falls National Park which is one of the famous Uganda safari destinations that is divided into two parts by the world’s longest river – River Nile while making its way from Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake in the world to Mediterranean sea was of recent facing the challenge of ferry crossing.
The two parts of the park are connected by a ferry that enables the transfer of vehicles and travelers on safari tour in Uganda to the either sides of the Nile. However, this ferry went out of service in the months of November and though it was projected to affect from 10th – 16th, it exceeded and affected other days.
The grounding of the ferry which was attributed to maintenance and repair caused inconveniences to travellers on Uganda wildlife safaris in Murchison. For example, game drives are done in the northern bank so, if one slept in the south it requires crossing by ferry to the north for a game drive and in the absence of ferry, it meant that motor boats had to be used to transfer the clients and another vehicle had to be hired on the other side for a game drive thus increasing the costs than what was initially planned.
Interestingly to note is that, this ferry is now back to service and travellers on Uganda safari holidays can easily connect to the two sides of the park without hassle and at the exact costs that they had initially planned for while crafting the safaris to Uganda.
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