Poor infrastructure in Uganda blamed for low tourism development-Prime Uganda safaris & Tours updates

kasese Rivers floodUganda Safaris have been affected by the poor infrastructures like roads, poor accommodation facilities which are mostly found in tourist destination. This state of infrastructures in Uganda has completely damaged the development of the tourism sector.The tourists who come for safaris to Uganda have always complained about the state of some accommodation facilities in Uganda; especially those which a bit cheap, despite of them being cheap, the quality of services offered are completely poor hence affecting the development of the tourism sector.Even the multinational companies which are interested in investing in the tourism sector in order to increase safaris in Uganda , have been put off by the poor infrastructures like roads which don’t promote easy access to the tourist destinations, more so the quality of Hotels in some parts of Uganda have not encouraged the investors to develop the tourism industry.Uganda is also challenged with the many taxes imposed on the tourists and the several check in which are done to the visitors. These several taxes especially when travelling from one east African country to another has reduced the number of Uganda safaris since the taxes levied to the tourists are high.However, in spite of the infrastructural problems facing Uganda, it has been considered that the pearl of Africa has got many tourist attractions which have attracted many attracted many safari visits to Uganda. These attractions include; Uganda’s land scape, nature, wildlife, mountains, national park and the water bodies.

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