kasese bridge collapsedTourist visas in East Africa are going to promote tourism in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and other countries since there will be free movement of tourists/ people from one destination to another, this will help in improving safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and other East African countries.

The operation is to begin in January 2014, were a foreigner will be asked to pay for a single visa from a country of origin   and then will be able to travel to all East African countries without any restrictions; this will help the tour operators since they will be free to move their tourists who come for safaris with in East Africa free of charge to all east African countries.

The tourist visa will help to increase the competitiveness of the tourism sector with in East Africa since there will be joint marketing of the tourism industry. This will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and other East African countries.

With the single visa, the east African countries will able to package Kenya as a beautiful coast line , Uganda a country with diverse game and bird species, and Rwanda’s mountain gorillas and the flora and fauna. All these will help in increasing safaris in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

The main problem is with the implementation of this, since the road network is poor, also the other means of transport are not well developed within the east African countries like the railway lines which can be able to cross all the countries are not developed, this will make the new project of the single visa to be hard to implement which will lead to reduced tourists safaris to East Africa.

The Air transport system in East Africa is still poor since there is lack of affordability ant the numbers of airstrips that have to exist near the major tourist attractions have not been developed, and more so, there is lack of airlines to operate scheduled domestic flights which has affected Uganda safaris and also other east African countries.

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