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crocodileThe tourism sector is considered as the major foreign exchange earner and therefore has to be developed. This will help create a lot of revenues in the country which help to improve infrastructure such as roads, hotels, lodges and others so as to promote more safaris to Uganda and boost the tourism sector.The president said that the tourism sector mainly uses water so as to run its business. They carryout activities with water such as boat cruise, sport fishing, canoeing and so many others. The water bodies therefore have to be protected so as to enable the business go on. This will help increase the number of safari visits and hence develop Uganda since the major sector is developed.The president therefore emphasized that it is the local people to develop the sector but should not wait for the tourists who come for safari tours. If the local people love the sector then can  be able to develop it hence attracting many safaris in Uganda. This will therefore make Uganda a tour destination.

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