chimpanzeeUganda Tourism Board informs all Uganda safari undertakers both domestic and international that the Health status of the country is okay contrary to some media reports.
On 28th September 2014, one case of the Marburg hemorrhagic fever was reported and the people closest to this individual were immediately quarantined. Results after screening them confirmed negative of the Marburg virus and they still remain under the watch of health professionals. Thus, should not worry those on safari in Uganda.
As a country, we pride in the safety of all our visitors, tourists and nationals both in safety and health issues. To this effect, the Ministry of Health has urged members of the public to avoid unnecessary body contact such as handshakes.
We further wish to reiterate that Uganda is Ebola-free and to-date not a single case has been reported within our borders. This serves to arrest the worries of International travelers that had started to cancel their safaris to Uganda.
Whereas we pledge to keep all our visitors and travelers informed about the situation in the country, we also urge the media to report accurately and encourage visitors to come to our country for gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris and Chimpanzee safaris among other Uganda safari products.
Reference: Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)
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