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In the endeavor to serve a range of Uganda Safari undertakers, Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd got an opportunity to serve the 2017 Gold Wing overseas couple of the year Mr & Mrs Gideon and Rina Bar-Tal in the month of October.

The couple from Israel was honoured at this year’s Gold Wing Riders Association Event in Grapevine Texas USA – one of the generating areas for travelers interested in Africa safari tours including gorilla safaris in Uganda.

The event which is organized annually saw over 5000 riders on special bikes participate among which was Gideon and Rina.  The 2017 event was a special one with the Association was also celebrating 40 year anniversary.

We therefore as Prime Safaris & Tours feel honoured to host this amazing couple and offer them an incredible experience on 6 days uganda gorilla tour.

It’s great that Uganda’s prime natural offerings including amazing Chimpanzees in Kibale forest National Park, tree climbing lions of Ishasha sector and close to a half of the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park were explored to the maximum by these amazing travelers.

Uganda Safaris and tours are among the best in world because of great diversity that the country enjoys! Ranging from the prehistoric forests that act as habitats for great Apes to extensive savannah stretches of Kidepo, Murchison, Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda and Lake Mburo National Parks with great counts of wild game including the African Big five, beautiful water bodies like Lake Victoria – Africa’s largest lake and River Nile – the world’s longest River, great culture and heritage of over 60 tribal groups including the Indigenous Karimojong and the Batwa Pygmies and fascinating sceneries such as Rwenzori Mountains, Rift valley escarpments, Murchison Falls (world’s most powerful waterfall) and Kigezi Highlands, the Uganda Safari destination is by no means an ordinary destination.